Jazz Drums Whiplash Ident

Jazz Drums Whiplash Ident

This is the perfect short intro tune for a any serious business! It features very groovy fast jazz solo drums and some beautiful horn endings to emphasize your logo! The fast paced atmosphere reminds us a little of films like Whiplash and Birdman.

In the ZIP and preview:
  • 1. Jazz Drums Whiplash Ident v1 0:09
  • 2. Jazz Drums Whiplash Ident v2 0:06
  • 3. Jazz Drums Whiplash Ident v3 0:05
  • 4. Jazz Drums Whiplash Ident v4 0:05
  • 5. Jazz Drums Whiplash Ident v5 0:07

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SmidSmid is Mickey and Peter Smid

Among them they combine the power of 2 generations of musicians, resulting in a host of experience in recording, composing, arranging and musicianship hence leading to the ability to produce compositions covering a wide range of musical styles with a specialization in retro soul, funk, folk, 50/60/70ies sounding productions (a dirty sound, rich with harmonic distortion), using real tape machines (we still love it!).

Feel free to contact us for changes, stems or jobs!

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