Intro Logo Pack

Intro Logo Pack


This Intro Logo Pack consists of 3 revealing, inspiring and modern music logos. Minimal, stylish, simple sound with warm piano and deep, bright synth pads make these logos sound excellent for commercial videos, business projects, animation, vlogs, blogs, advertising purposes, marketing, commercials, TV shows, YouTube videos, promo videos, branding, promotion and other corporate tasks.

Use it to build up your own powerful brand!

Logos Included to the Pack:

1. Logo Sting

Logo Sting is a clean, relaxing, revealing logo for stylish presentation and promotion of your brand. It’s a soft and bright music with warm piano sound and deep, wide synth pads. This music logo will be useful for branding, corporate projects, quick corporate presentations, business, advertising, video logos, commercial, YouTube, TV, video production, promotion, film credits, etc. May this peaceful, modern logo help you build your brand! ;)

Versions Included:
1. Logo Sting – 0:11.

2. Logo Brand

Logo Brand is a light, stylish, uplifting logo for presentation and promotion of your brand, company, product, etc. It’s a relaxing and beautiful music.

Versions Included:
1. Logo Brand – 0:11.
1. Logo Brand Piano Only – 0:11..

3. The Logo Reveal

The Logo Reveal is a clear, short, smooth logo for a stylish way to promote your own brand. It’s an uplifting and digital music with soft piano sound and electronic synth pads.

May this futuristic, elegant logo help you build your brand! ;)

Versions Included:
1. The Logo Reveal – 0:11.

Information for buyers:
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Information for VideoHive authors:
You may use any of my preview tracks for your projects. Don’t forget to send me the link on your item via email or comments so that I can include it to my profile and item descriptions ;)

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