Interstellar Mission

Interstellar Mission

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An epic voyage through multiple galaxies, never knowing what comes next. Science fiction and action combined (with a bit of ambient too).

This track has a soft-ish first half, as if you were flying through space (or hyperspace) and admiring the stars / planets / galaxies that pass by. It’s generally meant to express the beauty of space and how huge it is.

At 1:15 however, our journey might come across an alien battle, and the music picks up greatly in intensity here. It’s still epic, but there is just a little bit more tension here, provided mainly be the percussion.

There is a little ‘coda’ at the end which transitions us back to the beginning of the track, as this track loops infinitely.

There is a constant ‘pulse’ throughout this track (mainly in the bass), which means that it constantly has forward momentum, crucial for long-running presentations or website backgrounds that need a bit of spark / excitement while the user is browsing.

There is also a constant sense of mystery as there are a number of ‘foreign’ sounds in this track such as otherwordly ethereal vocals, and synth sounds that are not entirely conventional.

All in all, probably something for everyone here! Video game music, trailer music, film music product promo music, it should work across all mediums.


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