Intensive Sport Electro Beat

Intensive Sport Electro Beat

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This track is available as a Intensive Sport Electro Beat Music Kit

Intensive Sport Electro Beat is a modern action composition with trend sounds and warm melody. The atmosphere of this track is melodic, strong, inspiring, powerful, energetic, stimulation and upbeat. Mood of this track: action, emotional, drive, motivating, hopeful, heroism, optimistic. This Electro Sport Music consist of massive sub-bass, perfect lead melody, heavy electric rhythm guitars and interesting drums percussions.

This Royalty Free music ideal for use in:
  • Film or tv as a credits opener or movie intro;
  • Advertisement;
  • Various types of internet YouTube, Vimeo video projects; TV
  • Innovative videos;
  • Games background and documentaries videos
  • Sport shows and TV news programs;
  • World beat presentations;
  • Motivational infographics;
  • Inspiring motivational video.
  • Adventure trailer
  • Traveling and lifestyle videos

5 versions are included:

  • Full Version – 1:36
  • 1st Half Version – 0:34 (at 1:39)
  • 2nd Half Version – 1:05 (at 2:17)
  • Short Drop Version – 0:21 (at 3:26)
  • Long Drop Version – 0:43 (at 3:52)