Perfect for motivational advertisements, soft commercials, presentations, action videos, time lapse clips, media montage. Any projects requiring: inspiration, inspiring background music, corporate background music, uplifting background music, motivation, life motivation, time lapse music.

Piano – as a main instrument – supported by orchestral sounds: strings, drum toms, ethnic percussion, synth, brases, contrabases, glokenspiel. The piece grows step-by-step from a gentle piano melody into an uplifting and lively ensemble.

WAV & MP3 versions are included.

1) Inspiring Main Version– 3:16
2) Inspiring One Minute Version – 0:59
3) Inspiring 30 sec Version – 0:32
4) Inspiring Loop Main – 0:27
5) Inspiring Loop Piano – 0:27

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Videohive Authors:

Thank you very much for your interest in using my music in your next project! The combination of a great visual with great music really makes it attract attention and sales!

If you would like to use my music, I ask that you add music credits in your project if possible (If it uses any text). If it can flow with the project please add “Music by IDMusic” somewhere.
Also please have a link (like usual) in the description on the project page as well. If you choose any of my tracks, please contact me so I can put your video on my profile page as well and help you promote it. Thanks again for your interest, I look forward to working with you!

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