Discussion on Inspiring & Uplifting Corporate Motivational

Discussion on Inspiring & Uplifting Corporate Motivational

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Was really glad to used your great soundtrack in my preview my friend! Thank you so much

cool! thank you :)

How long does that song´s license and copyright last?

I think copyright is always assigned to me and I guess the license for buyers is the same

I purchased this song and used it in a YouTube video but I received a copyright claim from “CD Baby On behalf of: Inner Power Meditations”. How is it possible? Can you please investigate the situation and help me have the claim removed? I have also sent you an email, let me know if you need additional details. This whole situation is very unpleasant.

Case closed! I filled a dispute via YouTube and they removed the copyright claim. Thanks for answering my email. Love your music!

well glad to hear that! and many thanks for the ratings

Хороший трэк!

Отличная работа! Все очень вкусно! В ценовой политике я тебя полностью поддерживаю. Мне очень нравится основной звук в этом трэке, пожалуйста подскажи из какой он библиотеки или синта. За ранее Спасибо! И еще больших продаж!!!

Привет. Спасибо большое Честно говоря, я не помню что за звук. И еще так получилось что я потерял много исходных проектов, включая этот, и не могу посмотреть

Жаль! Спасибо!

I enclose a copy of the video where you claim the rights to the music that I buy from you. I attach a copy of the license in my name. I hope you delete the copyright. Greetings Eugenio Roig.


This document certifies the purchase of: ONE MUSIC STANDARD LICENSE as defined in the standard terms and conditions on Envato Market.

Licensor’s Author Username: Daniel__St

Licensee: Eugenio Roig

Item Title: Inspiring & Uplifting Corporate Motivational

Item URL:

Item ID: 22272760

Item Purchase Code: fe23e494-d6f9-4944-8a8f-7b4d7b54e2b0

Purchase Date: 2018-12-28 03:32:28 UTC

For any queries related to this document or license please contact Help Team via

Envato Pty. Ltd. (ABN 11 119 159 741) PO Box 16122, Collins Street West, VIC 8007, Australia


Friend I took the time to read the previous comments on this track. As a content buyer, I tell him that his music is of quality and above all has a pleasant melody and harmony. The price is excellent and it is not abusive like other authors with mediocre content who ask for 29, 45 and more. Anyway, I wish you success

I’m sorry I do not understand. I have never claimed any rights to music. I do not know where and how should I DELETE the copyright.

Thanks friend YouTube removed the claim

Cool mixing! Nice Track!

thanks, brat

I want to believe that you are such a correct and brave guy from a valuable track of $ 7. We will look at the price tag of this track in time and we will see who you really are. Best regards Mantle.


Hello sir, did you know that, if you raised your prices only by 1$, yes just 1$, you would increase your overall income by 100%? :)

hello. no, i didn’t

5$ per track. Mmmm, I like it. Why won’t ya give away your tracks for free?

why would I give tracks for free?

Good piece of Sound Daniel__St, I wish you a lot of sales!

@all other musicians with blaming post here What’s up with you all? Real music artists create unique musicsounds. Some should better work on their music skills instead of blaming others. Only bad musician have do be scared about a low price strategy of competitors! The market will regulate it by itselves.

thank you very much my friend

Cool Track and Good Strategy :)

Wow, so from this great track you have earned yourself a staggering $86 so far, and about 18573 enemies on this marketplace. And if you priced it like a normal person that could have been $1360 and plenty of supporters and wanna-be’s. You are not even making a quick buck.. thats plain dumb bro.. :) but hey, its your choice :)

But I guess you just promote yourself, and will bump up the prices when time comes, its all good

maybe. maybe not

So how much are you earning per sale with such a ridiculous price?

You sir, are a genius!


Big thx, bro

So cheap? Bad quality?


Ты понимаешь, что в перспективе разрушаешь рынок этим? Что будет, когда станет много таких хитрожопых…

Братик, если я разрушаю рынок, то обратись в поддержку. Пусть накажут меня. Я думаю, что все кто хотел поставить минимум за айтем – сделали это! Остальные не захотели, видимо. Конкретно тебе что я разрушил, скажи, пожалуйста.

Theres a beep in the purchased audio continuously throughout the entire audio every 3 seconds

excuse me, but there is no beep in the tracks! I checked all the versions. The other nine buyers did not report any signals. I think the problem is with you. maybe you have processed the track with the music plugin in demo version mode and it sounds a beep, for example … I do not know!

I didn’t make a mistake, listen to the preview on audio jungle, the beep is at 11sec than again at 15 seconds, theres no way to miss it, when i dowloaded the track i am playing the original in itunes and it beeps

oh, it seems understood, I think you are talking about the sound effect, but it is an element of music but not an artifact or signal.


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