Inspiring Romantic Piano Pack 1

Inspiring Romantic Piano Pack 1

In this inspiring romantic piano pack you get five (5) royalty free audio tracks with a total playing time of over 30 minutes (including variations)! It’s all great music for Youtube, ads, commercials, films or movies without spending much money!

List of includes items and variations:

  • Beautiful Moments (2 versions)
    No Drums Version 3:28 (first in preview)
    Epic Drums version 3:26 (in preview at 3:28)
  • Inspiring Springtime Piano (3 versions)
    Inspiring Springtime Piano long (long version with acoustic drum) 3:19
    (in preview at 6:56)
    Inspiring Springtime Piano long (long version with dance beat) 3:19
    (in preview at 10:16)
    Inspiring Springtime Piano short (short 30sec version) 0:29
    (in preview at 13:36)
  • Intimate Reflection (3 versions)
    Intimate Reflection – Melancholic (melancholic version) 1:42, (in preview at 14:11)
    Intimate Reflection – Happier (more happier version, more hopeful) 1:42, (in preview at 15:53)
    Intimate Reflection – Long (long version) 3:06, (in preview at 17:35)
  • Inspirational Piano (2 versions)
    With Melody (3:04) (in preview at 0:43) With the piano melody, vivid.
    Without Melody (3:04) (in preview at 23:47) Without the piano melody, very calm and tender
  • Keynote Piano (2 versions)
    Keynote Piano straight (more straightforward and elementary) 2:12 (in preview at 26:56
    Keynote Piano dynamic (more varying and dynamic) 1:19 (in preview at 29:09)

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