Inspiring Pensive Piano And Strings

Inspiring Pensive Piano And Strings

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Inspiring Pensive Piano and Strings

Music Description Smart, slowly building, shiny and captivating theme featuring piano, strings, choir, bells and strong marching percussion.

It starts calm, peaceful, serene, quiet, tranquil, relaxing, soothing, tender, soft, intimate, reflective, touching, warming, whimsical, longing, melancholic, carefree, and easy-going and it grows until it reaches a magnificent, sparkling, glorious, majestic, sparky, exhilarating, delightful, thrilling, soaring, big, intense, stirring and rousing culmination.

Compelling and enchanting anthem perfect as background music for advertising, inspiring videos (team building… ), business presentations, intros, films, openers, tv commercials, ads, promos…

Two different versions are included:

- Long version: 2 minutes and 21 seconds

- Short version: 58 seconds, starting on 2:21 in the preview

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