Inspiring Pack

Inspiring Pack

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Inspiring Pack

This is a corporate, hopeful, piano, inspiring, uplifting, cheerful, calm, background, universal corporate inspiring pack.

It contains 3 tracks:

1. Inspiring Piano

It’s inspiring, dramatic, cinematic, trailer, air, hope, sweet, kind, beautiful, luxury, high quality, successful, deep, Hollywood, fairytale, magic, magical, fantasy, loving, sincere piano for your trailer, movie, commercial, teaser, channel on YouTube, Vimeo, slide shows, weddings, corporate and motivational videos At the beginning of the track is laid the world price of peace and of equilibrium, the calm of the ocean. In the middle of a storm, lightning, thunder, war, the triumph of human love and freedom. By the end of the track the ocean subsides again, and freezes. The perfect track for your drama. for your trailer or movie. Good luck on your project!

PS: While writing I used the grand piano, orchestral strings, bells, percussion, horns and hits

Included 4 versions:

  • Inspiring Piano Full – 02:50
  • Inspiring Piano Short – 01:40
  • Inspiring Piano Full – 01:08
  • Inspiring Piano Full – 00:23
  • 2. Indie Inspiration

    This is a travel, acoustic, inspire, business, family, nostalgy,romantic, sentimental, sensual, pathetic, love, background, pop, vintage, hollywood, uplifting, indie, poppy, trip track for your travel, romantic, wedding, peomo, adventure video or energetic inspirational video work.

    I used live studio rock drums with live studeo acoustic guitar. Also I used grand piano, strings, vintage pads and leads on classic vintage synthesizers, acoustic tambourines, bongo and shakers.

    Included 2 versions:

  • 1. Indie inspiration full. Yhis version with rock (indie) drums and with vintage sounds. Length – 2:40
  • 2. Indie inspiration acoustic without drums. This is light version. second version in preview. Length – 1:08
  • When writing, I have only used a great organic mood, a lot of grand emotions and put his heart and soul into this track!

    3. Inspiring Corporate

    It is solemn, epic, dramatic, heroic, touching, epic, uplifting, gentle, subtle, mind-expanding corporate music, suitable for dramatic videos, filled with meaning. Perfect for social advertising, charities, sports events, national public holidays and other things. In this track I used a bit of modern, classic piano, an epic electric guitar, with nature sounds, emotional bells, marimba, Kalimba and ultra progressive bass. Inspiration in every note.

    For ease of use in advertising included 2 versions:

  • Inspiring Corporate full 2:50 (0:00 preview)
  • Inspiring Corporate short 1:45 (2:40 preview)
  • Corporate motivate very short 0:33 (4:26 preview)
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