Inspiring Motivational Corporate Kit

Inspiring Motivational Corporate Kit

Music Kit Description

Inspiring Motivation An inspiring, energising and uplifting background track perfect to set an optimistic and motivational mood.Thank you for your purchase and do not forget to rate it..
A MUSIC KIT, based on my original AudioJungle composition, Inspiring Motivational Corporate

What is a MUSIC KIT?

A MUSIC KIT is a collection of pre-edited individual song sections that can be rearranged easily and flexibly like musical building blocks to create custom-timed and custom-structured music tracks. Music kit sections contain natural decaying “tails” that allow for seamless transitions.

WAV files included in MUSIC KIT
  • 1_Pre-Intro_and_Verse1
  • 2_Pre-Intro_and_Verse1_Without_Drums
  • 3_Verse1
  • 4_Verse1_Without_Drums
  • 5_Verse2
  • 6_Verse2_Without_Drums
  • 7_Chorus1
  • 8_Chorus1_Without_Drums
  • 9_Chorus2
  • 10_Chorus2_Without_Drums
  • 11_Bridge
  • 12_Break

Demo tracks:

  • DEMO_1 – 2:15
  • DEMO_2 – 1:02
  • DEMO_3 – 0:38

Ambient / Children’s / Cinematic / Corporate / Country, Western / Experimental, Abstract / Folk, Acoustic / Funk, Groove / Holiday, Seasonal / House / Jazz / Pop / Rock / Soul, R&B / World Beat