Inspiring Indie Kit

Inspiring Indie Kit

Inspirational and Uplifting Pop/Rock track with delayed guitars, acoustic guitars, bass, drums, percussion and ambient background. Perfectly made for commercials, movies, presentations, slideshows, road trip youtube video or any media you are working on.

Based on my original AudioJungle item: Inspiring Indie

Included sections

01_Intro (0:13)

Guitar Intro

02_Intro_WithTransition (0:13)

An alternative version with additional drum kicks for a natural transition to the next section

03_Verse_NoAcoustic (0:13)

A light verse with main theme and ambient background

04_Verse_WithAcoustic (0:13)

Verse with additional acoustic guitars rhythm.

05_Chorus_Acoustic (0:13)

Chorus with acoustic guitars background

06_Chorus_Acoustic_WithTransition (0:13)

Chorus with acoustic guitars background and drums transition

07_Verse_PalmMutes (0:27)

The verse with palm muted electric guitars on the back

08_Chorus_GuitarHarmonyBacked (0:13)

The chorus with distorted guitar harmonies on the back

09_Chorus_GuitarHarmonyBacked_WithTransition (0:13)

The chorus with with distorted guitar harmonies and drums transition

10_Verse_DistortedGuitar (0:27)

The verse comleted with distorted guitars rhythm

11_Chorus_DistortedGuitar_Half_1 (0:13)

The 1st part of the final chorus with all the guitars and drum break in the end

12_Chorus_DistortedGuitar_Half_2 (0:13)

The 2nd part of the final chorus with all the guitars. Can be used as ending as well.

13_Chorus_DistortedGuitar_Half_2_WithTransition (0:13)

The 2nd part of the final chorus with all the guitars and drums transition to the next part.

14_Ending (0:13)

The natural ending of the track

Demo track

The demo track is made of sections 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14