Inspiring Ideas Kit

Inspiring Ideas Kit


Have you ever found a track you loved, you purchased the track only to find it was almost impossible to get it to fit with your project how you wanted? Well with this “Music Kit” each song section is included individually so you can easily and seamlessly piece together and arrange this track at almost any length you want with any musical arrangement you like!

Fresh, Innovative, Inspiring, and Positive are all words to describe “Inspiring Ideas”. This fresh track was crafted to fit with videos, commercials, and corporate presentations that need the perfect underscore to inspire greatness and to motivate you viewers. “Inspiring Ideas” has a relaxed vibe but has a continual build of instruments to add just the right amount of energy for a commercial background track.

This “Music Kit” Version of this track was originally based off of my track called Inspiring Ideas. This kit has been fully edited and formatted to allow you complete flexibility to create custom arrangements to match your specific needs.

Here Is What You’ll Get

2 Demo track using the “Tails Versions” of these sections. Purchasing a license to Inspiring Ideas Kit will also allow you to use these Demo tracks as well if you choose to do so.

Demo 1: 2:02

Demo 2: 0:59

01_intro1.wav : Kick-Rhythm-Gtr-Keys – 0:17

02_Intro2.wav : Kick-Rhythm-Gtr-Keys-Shakers – 0:17

03_SectionA.wav : Kick-Rhythm-Gtr-Keys-Shakers-Lead Gtr – 0:17

04_SectionB.wav : Kick-Rhythm-Gtr-Keys-Shakers-Lead Gtr-Snare – 0:17

05_SectionB_NoLead.wav : Kick-Rhythm-Gtr-Keys-Shakers-Snare – 0:17

06_SectionC.wav : Kick-Rhythm-Gtr-Keys-Shakers—Snare-Strings – 0:17

07_SectionD_NoLead.wav : Kick-Rhythm-Gtr-Keys-Strings – 0:17

08_SectionD.wav : Kick-Rhythm-Gtr-Keys-Strings-Lead Gtr – 0:17

09_SectionE.wav : Kick-Rhythm-Gtr-Keys-Shakers-Lead Gtr-Snare-Strings – 0:17

10_SectionE_NoLead.wav : Kick-Rhythm-Gtr-Keys-Shakers-Snare-Strings – 0:17

11_SectionF.wav : Kick-Rhythm-Gtr-Keys-Shakers-Lead Gtr-Snare-Strings-Acoustic Gtr – 0:17

12_SectionF_NoLead.wav : Kick-Rhythm-Gtr-Keys-Shakers-Snare-Strings-Acoustic Gtr – 0:17

13_SectionG.wav : Kick-Rhythm-Gtr-Keys-Shakers-Snare-Strings-Acoustic Gtr – 0:17

14_Outro.wav : Kick-Rhythm-Gtr-Keys-Shakers-Snare-Strings – 0:17

15_Outro_Alt.wav : Kick-Rhythm-Gtr-Keys-Shakers-Snare-Alt Strings – 0:17

16_Ending.wav : Strings-Keys – 0:11

17_Ending_Alt1.wav : Guitar End Hit – 0:07

18_Ending_Alt2.wav : Keys – 0:11

YouTube users: to clear any copyright claims on your videos (including monetized videos), simply visit this page, enter your details and video link and copy/paste the contents from your purchased License Certificate into the message box. Claims are removed within 24 – 96 hours.

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