Inspiring Holiday Christmas Corporate

Inspiring Holiday Christmas Corporate

“Inspiring Holiday Christmas Corporate” is a inspiring, high energy and optimistic song with a very motivational and holiday/family mood.

Key Instruments are: Bell, Simple yet Memorable piano melody, smooth Strings and Choir, Upbeat Drum, Cymbal Sweep, Deep bass.

Suitable for: Uplifting project like: corporate presentation, Youtube video, slideshow, high tech presentation, logo opener, business video, montage, lifestyle and travel, medical and health, tutorial and explainer, promotion etc…

Include:three version of different length and two Stinger (Logo/Ident version).

-Full Version 0:00 ->1:45 (1:45)
-Version D(Stinger) 1:45 ->1:51 (0:07)
-Version E(Stinger) 1:51 ->2:03 (0:12)
-Version B (Short) 2:03 ->3:10 (1:07)
-Version C (Shorter) 3:10 ->3:47 (0:37)

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