Inspiring Fashion Pack

Inspiring Fashion Pack

Inspiring Fashion Pack comes with 3 beautiful tracks for your projects.

These tracks are suited for cinema,TV spots, timelapse videos, city promos, destianation video promos, movie trailer, corporate videos, workout videos, commercials, advertisement, scenic dance, dance and many more.

1. Inspired Slideshow (2:10)

Inspired Slideshow – Calm and melodic track for your projects

2. Welcome To Paradise (2:09)

Welcome To Paradise – Corporate and inspiring track for your projects

3. Enjoy Me (2:27) Vocal version + Instrumental version

Enjoy Me – Harmonic music for your life

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VIDEOHIVE AUTHORS: Feel free to use any of my preview tracks for your projects. Just let me know so I can include a link!

Zip file includes WAV and high-quality MP3s for your convenience.