Epic Positive Inspiring

Epic Positive Inspiring

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Epic Positive Inspiring

Description: Inspiring Epic Kit is powerful epic and emotional music item. Epic Positive Inspiring item will be great for your trailer, corporate film, slideshow presentations or any video project. Inspiring Epic created with powerful epic orchestra and some modern electronic instruments and fx..

Epic Positive Inspiring based on my original item Inspiring Epic.

Epic Positive Inspiring demos:

  1. Demo 1 (3:32);
  2. Demo 2 (1:01)
  3. Demo 3 (1:41)

Song Sections

  • 01_Intro (0:13) Strings, bass and drums and orchestra intro section
  • 02_Verse (0:13) Adding high strings, percussion and toms
  • 03_Verse_Brass (0:16) Adding low brass, string theme variation and fx at the end,
  • 04_Chorus (0:26) Adding brass melody, fx at the end
  • 05_Chorus_Short (0:13) Chorus short version (without fx at the end)
  • 06_Bridge (0:13) Bridge section: arpeggiator and strings theme
  • 07_Verse_2 (0:13) Verse 2 section: strings and orchestra theme
  • 08_Chorus2_MelodyVariation (0:26) Brass melody variation (chorus 2 section)
  • 09_Verse3_Strings_Fast (0:13) Staccato strings fast variation (verse 3 section)
  • 10_Verse3_Choir (0:26) Adding brass melody and choir
  • 11_Chorus3_Cello (0:13) Soft Chorus 3 section with cello melody and soft arrangement
  • 12_Outro_SoftEnding (0:31) Outro section: fast strings theme, brass melody and choir with soft ending final hit.
  • 13_Outro_NoHit (0:13) Outro section: fast strings theme, brass melody and choir without soft ending final hit

Epic Positive Inspiring

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