Inspiring Emotional Folk Kit

Inspiring Emotional Folk Kit

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Inspiring Emotional Folk Kit

Family & friends music with uplifting mood. Motivating inspiring background folk rock which is confident and emotional. This can be an individual inspiring and motivational drive for the future. Someone is optimistic and positive progression to success while being proud. Motivating, powerful, driving and inspiring folk track for promotional and stylish upbeat youtube videos, corporate media, presentations, etc. Featuring deep piano, acoustic guitars, harmonics, bass, drums, pads, percussion and other elements.

Original track is here: Inspiring Emotional Folk

List of tracks that included of this kit:

All these tracks are available in two versions: Tails and No Tails

  • 01_Intro1 – 0:11
  • 02_Intro2 – 0:10
  • 03_Intro3 – 0:10
  • 04_PartA1 – 0:19
  • 05_PartA2 – 0:19
  • 06_PartB1 – 0:10
  • 07_PartB2 – 0:10
  • 08_PartB3 – 0:10
  • 09_PartC1 – 0:19
  • 10_PartC2 – 0:10
  • 11_CODA – 0:10

This music kit includes three demo tracks of different length:

  • Demo 1 – 2:30
  • Demo 2 – 2:01
  • Demo 3 – 1:13

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Additional Information:

  • For Buyers: All of my music are royalty free, no any additional PRO or broadcasting fees needed. I am not registered at any ad claiming service like AdRev so you won’t have any legal problems when using my music! And it would be cool if you could take a moment to rate your purchase! Thank you!
  • For VideoHive Authors: If you are looking to use my music in your projects, just download any of my watermarked tracks for free and use away! Just remember to email to me in the contact box so i can promote your work on my profile page as well. Thank you!
  • I am available for Freelance hire just write me a letter.