Inspiring Emotional Cinematic Epic Trailer

Inspiring Emotional Cinematic Epic Trailer

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Genre/Style: emotional, adventure, action, hans zimmer, hollywood, cinematic, commercials, documentary, culture, electric, entertainment, epic, extreme, fantasy, games, historical, military, movies, multimedia, news, scene, scifi, show, technology, tv, weather, web, trailer.

Musical Instruments: ambient pad, staccato and spiccato orchestral strings, emotion solo strings, cinematic piano, orchestral ethnic percussion, viola, violin, cello, contrabass, trailer sub booms, steel hit, revers, risers, trailer impacts, rock drum kit, metal crashes, church organ, epic brass winds, epic horns, epic trombones, epic trumpets, punchy drum kit, orchestral toms roll.

Perfect For: epic film trailers, tv-shows, commercials, corporate projects, cinematic movie trailers, presentations, promotions, youtube videos, films, corporate videos, promotion youtube moments, video games, mobile apps, corporate epic youtube logos, epic youtube trailers and more!

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Inspiring Emotional Cinematic Trailer - 5

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Inspiring Emotional Cinematic Trailer - 8

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