Inspiring Corporate Motivational Pack

Inspiring Corporate Motivational Pack

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Inspiring Corporate Motivational Pack

Inspiring Corporate Motivational Pack” – collection of three clean, upbeat and inspiring corporate styled music tracks with upbeat presentation corporate sound that fills your corporate or any other project with inspiring and uplifting atmosphere.

This music pack will be a perfect choice for motivational and inspiring corporate videos, adventure videos, explainers, corporation presentations, digital marketing, websites, tutorials, travel videos, slideshows and YouTube videos as well!

Inspiring Corporate Motivational Pack” has an upbeat, inspirational, positive, motivational and uplifting atmosphere that makes it good for various types of video projects.

The pack consists of:

  1. Team Building:

    • Team Building – Full Version (2:18)
    • Team Building – Short Version (1:14)
    • Team Building – Shortest Version (0:42)

  2. Motivational Business:

    • Motivational Business – Full Version (2:31)
    • Motivational Business – Short Version (1:40)
    • Motivational Business – Shortest Version (0:41)

  3. Tutorial Background:

    • Tutorial Background – Full Version (2:32)
    • Tutorial Background – Medium Version (1:28)
    • Tutorial Background – Short Version (0:40)
    • Tutorial Background – Shortest Version (0:24)

Enjoy  :)

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