Inspiring Corporate Motivation Pack

Inspiring Corporate Motivation Pack

This is my new inspirational, Creative and original “Inspiring Corporate Motivation Pack”! It was especially created for your motivational and ambient background music includes clean piano, strings, rhythmical beat and other. Best for corporate videos, commercials, positive, cinema, advertisement, slideshow, lower thirds videohive projects or as web page music.

Wav and mp3 included.

Tracks Included:

  • Inspiring Corporate Motivation :
  • Inspiring Corporate Motivation It will be a perfect choice for a corporate narration background, motivational, inspiring, corporate videos, digital marketing, corporation presentations, innovative technological videos, websites, tutorials, explainers, slideshows, YouTube videos. Mood of the song is really inspiring, light, corporate, beautiful, soft and uplifting, works great like a background music track for hundreds of clients around the world. It will amplify your message and help your video to showcase your professionalism to your audience and clients!

    This track included 4 versions:

    1. Inspiring Corporate Motivation (Full Version) – 1:57

    2. Inspiring Corporate Motivation (Middle Version) – 1:41

    3. Inspiring Corporate Motivation (Short Version) – 1:09

    4. Inspiring Corporate Motivation (Smart Version) – 0:37
  • Upbeat Motivational Uplifting:
  • Upbeat Motivational Uplifting Works well with corporate and technology projects, lifestyle and travel, health and medical videos, real estate, startup campaign videos, games and apps, promo videos, inspiring presentations and vlogs, YouTube videos, tutorials, slideshows, montages, openers, intro/outros, business and science and many more…

    This track included 4 versions:

    1. Upbeat Motivational Uplifting (Full Version) – 2:17

    2. Upbeat Motivational Uplifting (Middle Version) – 1:46

    3. Upbeat Motivational Uplifting (Short Version) – 1:23

    4. Upbeat Motivational Uplifting (Smart Version) – 0:52
  • Corporate Inspiration:
  • Inspiring and upbeat royalty free music for promotional and marketing video with bright and exciting summer pop feel. The “Corporate Inspiration” uptempo arrangement features catchy electric guitars and backed by driving beats and pop synth melody.

    The overall mood of this track is exciting, energetic, and positive, which makes it a great soundtrack for today’s marketing promo videos, corporate motivational videos, sport and lifestyle product ads, as well as other marketing multimedia material related to youth, active life, and having good time.

    This track included 4 versions:

    1. Corporate Inspiration (Full Version) – 1:53

    2. Corporate Inspiration (Middle Version) – 1:38

    3. Corporate Inspiration (Short Version) – 1:23

    4. Corporate Inspiration (Smart Version) – 0:52

I hope that you’ll be feel the pleasure with this track.

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