Inspiring Corporate Background Pack

Inspiring Corporate Background Pack

Inspiring Corporate Background Pack - 1

A collection of uplifting, positive corporate background tracks for video projects, advertisements, business presentations, real estate walkthroughs and more. Each track features guitars, piano, bass, drums, and synth pads. Multiple versions of varying lengths are provided for maximum editing flexibility.

Inspiring Corporate Pop – 1:00 Edit (preview at 00:00)
Inspiring Corporate Pop – 0:30 Edit (preview at 01:00)
Inspiring Corporate Pop – 2:57 (preview at 01:33)
Get Motivated – 3:03 Edit (preview at 04:32)
Get Motivated – 1:00 Edit (preview at 07:37)
Get Motivated – 0:30 Edit (preview at 08:41)
Get Motivated – 3:51 (preview at 09:16)
Power of Inspiration – 2:00 Edit (preview at 13:10)
Power of Inspiration – 1:00 Edit (preview at 15:14)
Power of Inspiration – 0:30 Edit (preview at 16:17)
Power of Inspiration – 2:14 (preview at 16:52)

Inspiring Corporate Background Pack - 2

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