Inspiring And Uplifting Indie Pop Kit

Inspiring And Uplifting Indie Pop Kit

This item is a MUSIC KIT, based on my original AudioJungle composition,

Inspiring And Uplifting Indie Pop.

Inspiring uplifting indie pop music with piano and catchy vocal melodies, big atmospheric sound and inspiring energetic motivational mood. Sounds really optimistic, cinematic, positive, epic, indie, motivational. This music track is perfect for advertising, commercial, photo slideshow, travel and road videos, business video, corporate and motivational speech videos, YouTube | Vimeo | Dailymotion video, presentation, fashion videos, TV, presentations, ecology and animal protection video, advertisement, ad, promotional, inspiring and motivational videos, timelapse and gopro videos, radio and much more!..

Demos included:

  • Demo track 1 (main original version) (2:30)
  • Demo Track 2 (short version) (1:07)
  • Demo Track 3 (extra short version) (0:45)

Track Sections:

  • 01_Intro_Beat (0:02) Intro part with drum beat and atmosphere effect
  • 02_Bonus_Short_Intro (0:01) Bonus short intro part
  • 03_MainTheme1_Part1 (0:20) Main theme part with drums, piano and percussion
  • 04_MainTheme1_Part2 (0:20) Main theme part with added electric guitar and vocal
  • 05_MainTheme1_Part3 (0:20) Main theme part with added synth melodic line
  • 06_Bridge_Part1 (0:20) Bridge part with piano
  • 07_Bridge_Part1_NoDrumHit (0:20) Bridge part same as #06 without first drum hit
  • 07_Bridge_Part2 (0:20) Second bridge part with added strings and rhythmic low kick drum
  • 08_MainTheme2_Part1 (0:20) Final main theme part
  • 09_MainTheme2_Part2 (0:20) Second part of final main theme
  • 10_End (0:05) Short one chord ending

Top quality music by KLProduction.

Instruments: bass, drums, synths, claps, percussion, electric guitar, background vocals.

VideoHive Authors! You are free to use any of my tracks, just paste a link to the track you use it in. Let me know and I’ll paste a link to your video too.