Inspiring Advertising Kit

Inspiring Advertising Kit

A MUSIC KIT, based on my original AudioJungle composition, Inspiring Advertising.

“Inspiring Advertising” is a corporate inspirational track. Perfect for startup purposes and feel good advertising commercial. For Business and Corporate YouTube and Vimeo videos, CrowdFunding campaigns, Independent Film, Non-Profit, Websites, Wedding, Portrait, Student projects.

Flowing and warm piano and synthesizer create proud and hopeful mood while electronic modern drum machine creates movement and pulsing energy to support champion spirit. Easy to transform and make loops. High flexibility and quality.

You can use it everywhere: happy family commercial, corporate presentation, warm radio podcast, emotional tv ads, triumphant videos, inspirational promo, soaring and hopeful web production, business radio show, background music for motivational speech

Background music for Employment, Travel/Hotels & Accommodations, Consumer Electronics/Mobile Phones or Cameras, Computers & Peripherals/Laptops & Notebooks, Software/Design Software/Drawing & Animation Software/Video Software/Business & Productivity Software, Business Services/Business Technology/Web Services/Web Design & Development, Dating Services. Demos:

  • Demo track 1 (2:36)
  • Demo Track 2 (1:05)
  • Demo Track 3 (0:47)

Track Sections:

  • 01_Intro (0:18)
  • 02_Verse1 (0:31)
  • 03_Verse2 (0:31)
  • 04_Verse3 (0:31)
  • 05_Chorus1 (0:31)
  • 06_Chorus2 (0:31)
  • 07_Chorus3 (0:54)
  • 08_Chorus3_Short (0:36)
  • 09_End (0:18)
  • 10_Extra_Intro_Reverse_FX (0:02)