Inspired Storytelling Piano Kit

Inspired Storytelling Piano Kit

Inspired Storytelling Piano Kit

Inspired Storytelling Piano Kit - 1

MUSIC KIT description

New Inspired Storytelling Piano Kit – Flowing inspirationall music, featuring pulsing piano and warm orchestra in the hopeful and optimistic mood. This kit existing emitional strings section, horns, solo cello, acoustic piano, and percussion that create innovative atmosphere. Based on original AudioJungle item by Melodrama: “Inspired Storytelling Piano”.

This emotional inspiring music is perfect for documentary, corporate media projects, TV show, podcasts, vlogs, websites, christian videos, slideshows, heritage videography, film scores, human drama film, footage, movies, discovery Youtube and Vimeo videos and more.

All of the sections from my original “Inspired Storytelling Piano” are included in this music kit.

Sections included in Inspiring Piano Kit

  • 01_IntroA (0:12) Piano intro with a bit of strings
  • 02_IntroB (0:15) Second half of pulsing piano intro
  • 03_VerseA (0:12) Verse section which introduces cello phrase
  • 04_VerseB (0:12) Second half of verse section.
  • 05_VerseC (0:12) Opening first half pulsing strings riff
  • 06_VerseD (0:15) Second half of pulsing strings riff with additional piano
  • 07_ChorusA (0:12) Chorus section which introduces orchestral percussion and horn phrase
  • 08_ChorusB (0:12) Second half of chorus section with additional percussion and strings
  • 09_ChorusC (0:12) Builds on ChorusB with trumpet and a bit of metal percussion
  • 10_ChorusD (0:12) Full chorus section with high strings section
  • 11_Outro (0:03) Short ending outro
Demo tracks were made using the following song sections:

Demo_01 (1:45) 03-06-07-09-08-10-02-05-11

Demo_02 (1:10) 09-08-10-05-04-01

Demo_03 (0:40) 02-05-08-11

All the high quality 16-Bit Stereo, 44.1 kHz WAV files of three (unwatermarked) demos and documentation containing description and instructions are included within the zip file you will download.

Thanks and hope you enjoy your purchase. Please take a moment to rate it. Inspired Storytelling Piano Kit - 2

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