Inspired Music Pack

Inspired Music Pack

Inspired music pack contains three tracks with a soft atmosphere. Pianos and violins make you relax and dream. To think of the beautiful and the pleasant. About your happy moments in life. Each track carries its own mood and a certain charm.

  1. “Wedding Music” is the music for your wedding video. Beautiful and atmospheric sound. Clear and dreamy mood.
  2. “Epic Cinematic Piano” is inspirational music for presentation. The piano creates a romantic mood. Orchestra creates touching moments. Guitar and harp add romance and sentimentality to the sound of music.
  3. “Hopeful” is a beautiful cinematic track. Apply for background music. Emotional epic mood. Love story for the film and scoring. Gives hope and inspires. Calm and motivating character.
This music pack includes: Instruments:
  • Piano
  • Cello
  • Violin and Violas
  • Strings
  • Timpani
  • Percussion
  • Chimes
Track can be associated:
  • Wedding Teaser
  • Love Story
  • Beauty and Tenderness Day
  • Romantic Evening
  • Movie Trailer

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