About this track

Inspirational orchestral music that can be heard and used in various type of powerful thoughtful inspirational videos, media projects, life and travel videos, slideshows, websites.

Three version of length and arrange

2:34 version, 1:10 and 0:26

BONUSES! Free logo and title/video opener version

Specially designed logo and title/video opener included in ZIP. Please check ZIP description.

Inside the ZIP:

  • Inspiring Music main (2:34) – original full length track preview @ beginning;
  • Inspiring Music short (1:10) – short version preview @ 2:40;
  • Inspiring Music 26 (0:26) – 26 seconds version preview @ 3:57;
  • BONUS Inspiring Music 13 (0:13)title/video opener version preview @ 4:28;
  • BONUS Inspiring Music logo (0:08) – bonus logo preview @ 4:45;
  • All both WAV and mp3.
    Use it, loop it, change it – all up to you!

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