Sweet Memories is Sweet Memories

Sweet Memories is Sweet Memories

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This track is upligting, motivating, inspiring, fresh, clean, soft, lite, minimal, light, upbeat, positive, powerful, emotional, energising background track. If you buy this track you get a license to use it track as a background music for your any upligting and inspiring projects, video, TV show, computer game and etc. Best this track is suitable for visual project like promotions, intros and openers, inspiring videos, corporate videos, youtube videos, advertisements and presentations, montages and technology videos, TV, after effects templates (videohive projects), radio, business presentations, commercials, ads, slideshows, marketing, promotional, infographics, documentary, web and other media projects, visuals and advertising, radio, soundtracks, podcasts, timelapse videos, tutorials, technology advertising, videos about space, meditation videos etc. Your projects will be perfectly complemented by this beautiful, as air, uplifting, upbeat, positive and motivating music.

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Soft pads, muted guitar, soft piano, strings, violins, soft percussion, guitar harmonics, acoustic guitar, drums, kick, hi-hat, snare, crash, tambourine, clap.

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Inspire corporate music, beautiful inspiring background, calm inspiring soundtrack, cinematic motivational slideshow, digital positive inspiring, documentary motivate soundtrack, happy emotional inspire, happy inspire, gentle inspiring presentation, commercial motivate montage, inspirational motivational music, dreamy inspiring montage, minimal corporate, motivational inspiring corporate, peaceful corporate, cinematic corporate, uplifting corporate advertising, success corporate, tech corporate, technology corporate, future corporate, atmosphere corporate, business upbeat, corporate uplifting, corporate for business, corporate presentation, corporate music, corporate soundtrack, beauty corporate soundtrack, lovely corporate, positive corporate

Shopping Music is Shopping Music - 6

  1. Main Version (02:02), from (00:00) in preview
  2. Short Version (01:45), from (02:02) in preview
  3. Loop 1 (01:06), from (03:48) in preview
  4. Loop 2 (00:33), from (04:55) in preview
  5. Loop 3 (00:16), from (05:29) in preview

If you don’t found situable version you can contact me and I will be happy to make an exclusive version of this track specially for your project. So, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question. I will reply your question/request within 24hrs.

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All files are high quality. MP3 files – 320kbps. WAV files – 16bit/44.1Khz. For file formats up to 24bits/48Khz, just contact me! I will send them to you with NO additional cost!

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You are much welcome to use my music in your projects. Just let me know and I will post your product here!