Inspirational Uplifting Pack

Inspirational Uplifting Pack

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Pack Description:

A varied collection of tracks designed to give hope and a positive message to the listener. Each track will motivate in a different way. Some are calming and focused, and others are upbeat and energetic. Either way, you should find something here that will suit a presentation requiring motivating music. There are four tracks in total. Here follows their descriptions. Click the title to be taken to that track’s individual page.

1. This New Life (2 versions, 0:50 each)

A highly uplifting and motivational track, designed to replicate the joy that we feel when a new life (usually one we’ve created ourselves!) enters this world. This track will make you feel like you can take on anything.

There are two versions of this track! It’s the same song but the alternate version (which you can hear in the preview) has a different riff and a different ending.

The files contained in the ZIP when you download are.

This New Life – v1 – 0:50

This New Life – alternate – 0:50

2. Taking Flight – 1:46

A simple, uplifting and positive track which is arranged to have emotional impact as you listen to it.

This track will fit any corporate project or product promo which requires a positive message.

It contains a nice balance of strings, piano, and some modern futuristic sounds that gives the track a good use for emotional and cutting edge videos/applications.

The track itself constantly grows, starting from a very simple idea, into something huge by the end.

It was conceived by the idea of a baby bird taking its first flight and how this moment is difficult to achieve, but when it happens, it’s awesome.

3. Changing Places Smiling Faces – 1:55 (+ 1 loop of 0:38)

A simple, catchy, upbeat track with a very memorable tune.

This track is meant to signify just a few of the different phases of life that we go through, but no matter where we are, there is always the possibility to be happy. In addition, when writing this track I wanted to use the theme of ‘togetherness’.

Musically, the piece shifts through a number of different instruments and themes (places), except the beginning and the end where the tune is played with reckless abandon!

This track is meant to inspire and uplift. I hope it does that.

There are two files included in the ZIP file:

1. Changing Places Smiling Faces (FULL) – 1:55

This is the full length version of the track.

2. Changing Places Smiling Faces (LOOP) – 0:38

This is the melody with full accompaniment which you can hear from 1:13 to the end of the FULL version of the track.

4. Love And Peace To All – 1:34

An emotional, soft and soothing piece of music that is designed to reflect its message that is in the title. There is nothing in this music that draws attention to itself, making it very suitable as the background music for a website or a greeting card such as Valentine’s Day, or any presentation that needs to reflect the peaceful and positive message.

Final Notes

Thanks for purchasing and listening! ;)

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