I want to introduce you to my new music track “Inspiration”. Includede 3 versions. Sounds like: piano, inspiring, fresh, positive piano music, music that can be heard and used in various type of commercials, inspirational videos, media projects, films, broadcast, advertising, games and applications, YouTube, marketing product videos, family, life and travel videos.

Music by AShamaluev and VeromaxMusic.

The “AudioJungle” watermark is present on this demo to protect against theft. When a license is purchased a non-watermarked version will be available to download.

With the purchase of this track you will be available 3 version.

“INSPIRATION” is very beautiful, inspiring, touching, emotional, exciting, calm, soft, light, easy music. Playing piano, viola and strings with the addition of bells. Music expresses inspiration and freedom. This track is perfect for documentaries, video of the nature or slideshow of pictures, inspiring projects, as well as YouTube videos, podcasts, films, commercials, advertising, TV programs and more. Music very good technical and aesthetic quality.

3 versions are included:

  1. Piano and Strings 1:39min
  2. Solo Piano – 1:39min
  3. Solo Piano (short) – 1:18sec

To hear the no “strings and viola” version, please listen to the preview at 1:39.

To hear the: “Solo Piano” short version begins at 3:16.

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