Inspiring Wedding Piano Pack

Inspiring Wedding Piano Pack

Music description

I assembled this collection of the newest and best tracks specifically for your projects! Music decorate and give the atmosphere of your presentation, ceremony, award, trailer, movie, game, teaser, and other commercial and successful projects! Beautiful and romantic track where the piano is the highlight, accompanied by the sound of a symphony orchestra, with excellent sound quality. Perfect for Wedding Albums, sentimental and romantic movies, Christmas. Beautiful, inspiring, and elegant, this richly orchestrated piano and strings track has tender moments and emotional swells, intimate moods and sweeping grandeur. Perfect for romantic wedding videos, family movies, photo slideshows, Christmas projects, and any project needing an expressive and inspirational mood to go along with visually beautiful moments. Suitable for inspiring projects, YouTube videos, tutorials, slideshows, montages, openers, lifestyle and travels, real estate, startup videos, app promos, explainers and more…

  1. Inspiring Piano

    • Inspiring Piano – 2:55
    • Inspiring Piano Short – 1:46
    • Inspiring Piano Short 2 – 0:46
    • Inspiring Piano_Piano – 2:54
    • Inspiring Piano_Piano Short – 1:45

  2. Wedding

    • Wedding – 3:16
    • Wedding Short – 1:53
    • Wedding Christmas – 3:16
    • Wedding Piano – 3:16
    • Wedding Piano Short – 1:53

  3. Romantic Journey

    • Romantic journey – 2:44
    • Romantic journey Short – 1:38
    • Romantic journey Piano – 2:45
    • Romantic journey Piano Short – 1:39

Total Time 7:55

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