Infographic Sounds Pack

Infographic Sounds Pack

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Infographic Sound Effects
Infographics Sound Effects Pack
Infographic Sound Effects Pack

Infographic Sounds Pack is a big variable pack of high quality sound effects (positive interesting fx’s, whooshes, bell, clicks, applauses, marker, up and down sound effects and many other sounds with electronic elements) by which you can sound your video. Infographic Sounds Pack contains several variations of sound effect. Pack suitable for animation videos, explainer videos, infographics projects and presentations.

If you will use Infographic Sounds Pack in several project, please, see the multi-use license.

Infographics Sound Effects include:

Star (0:01)
Screen Change Swoosh (0:01)
Succes (0:01)
Notification (0:01)
Ding (0:01)
Coins (0:01)
Bubble Pop (0:01)
Correct (0:01)
Screen Change Swoosh (0:01)
Cash Register (0:01)
Right Choice (0:01)
Pops (0:01)
Mouse Click (0:01)
Rise Up (0:01)
Technological Swoosh (0:01)
Glass Break (0:01)
Calculations (0:01)
Marker Pen (0:01)
Transition (0:01)
Idea (0:01)
Turning Page (0:01)
Whoosh (0:01)
Win (0:01)