Industrial Sci-fi Trailer

Industrial Sci-fi Trailer

“Radioactive Zone”

!This item is a part of: Trailer Sci-Fi Industrial Pack - 3 in 1 – Save your money !

Aggressive futuristic driving trailer with mechanical industrial sounds, electronic synths, energetic rising drums, deep impacts and technogenic atmosphere. Excellent choice for action modern advertising, driving promo, sci-fi video, opener, teaser, trailer, logo, video games, futuristic motion pictures, apocalyptical movies and for any type of media projects. MP3 and WAV versions included for your convenience.

THREE versions included:

- Original – 1:00

- Short version 1 – 0:14 (for VIDEOHIVE PROJECT – Sci-Fi Glitch Logo v.2)

- Short version 2 – 0:17 (for VIDEOHIVE PROJECT – Hi tech logo)

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