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Super cool track, the production is excellent and the guitars sound amazing. Is this all live or are you using samples?

Wow thanks josh! Glad you like it. Everything is live recorded except drums.

Ahh, that explains why it sounds so good :)

I always find if I record electric guitars with a great guitar/amp setup with the right mics it makes the mixing job much much easier. Amp simulators are cool and easy to use but it seems I have to work a lot harder to get the right sound when I go that way.

Awesome song! This will hopeful do well for you. Good luck. :)

Thanks Phil! Yeah I’m crossing my fingers on this one for good sales.

Great track! :) Hope this sells really well. You’ve definitely nailed it with style and production. Best of luck!

Thanks so much! Really appreciate you stopping by to check it out!

Awesome track!

Thanks so Much Go2! and Thanks for the purchase, all the best to you!

Very nice guitars sound! :D

Thanks so much!

Very nice tune and sounds great :)

Thanks a bunch! Really appreciate you checking it out!

Really nice tune. Great sound and energy !

Thanks! Glad you liked it!