Indie Pop Rock Pack

Indie Pop Rock Pack

Upbeat and uplifting indie pop rock pack with 3 music tracks, plus short edits.

Perfect background music for commercials, TV, YouTube, summer videos, sports videos, travel shows, film, documentaries, holiday videos, fun videos, presentations and more.

The pack includes :

1. Upbeat And Uplifting Summer Pop (Starts at 00:00) Duration – 2:26 min.

a. Short Edit 1 – 0:17 sec (Starts at 2:26 in the preview)

b. Short Edit 2 – 0:18 sec (Starts at 2:42 in the preview)

2. Upbeat And Uplifting Indie Pop Rock (Starts at 3:00) Duration – 2:22min.

a. Short Edit 1 : 0:24 (Starts at 5:23 in the preview)

b. Short Edit 2 : 0:24 (Starts at 5:48 in the preview)

c. Short Edit 3 : 0:14 (Starts at 6:12 in the preview)

3. Pop Rock Energetic And Upbeat (Starts at 6:26) Duration – 2:18

All files and short edits come in both wav and mp3.

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Thank you for listening.