Indie Pop Kit

Indie Pop Kit

This Kit is based on my original track “INDIE POP” – This is one of your items. 0:02 play Looped Download Preview Share Facebook Google Plus Twitter Pinterest Add to Favorites In Collection Indie Pop

It is super snappy, driving, fun, positive, optimistic, rock, indie, pop track. It is very powerful and fast. Very modern and a bit vintage. A small spirit of the eighties, superpoly, transitory, interesting groove. Sea of positive, cool solos, fast music. All that is needed for the active video for the pop rock in your video. Perfectly suited for advertising mobile sports, mineral water sports paraphernalia or trailer to energetic Comedy. A great track for your promos and advertising. Used crunch guitars, live drums, old school synths, furious power and speed. Good luck to you! For you 3 versions of a track in Waw and MP3 format

Included Demos:

  • Demo 1 (2:34) – Original track. Order of sections: 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10
  • Demo 2 (2:58) – order of sections: 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10
  • Demo 3 (0:40) – order of sections: 1,2,7,10
  • Included Song Sections:

    • 1_Intro – 00:22
    • 2_intro_2– 0:12
    • 3_verse_1– 0:12
    • 4_verse_2– 0:12
    • 5_chorus_1_1_no solo gui– 0:12
    • 6_chorus_1_2_with solo gui– 0:12
    • 7_chorus_2– 0:22
    • 8_verse_2_1– 0:12
    • 9_verse_2_2– 0:14
    • 10_end– 0:16

    All Song Sections include 2 audio files: one with tail and one without tail. All files in music kit (including demos) are high quality WAV (44,1 kHz / 16-bit).


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