Indie Pop Guitar Pack

Indie Pop Guitar Pack


An ultimate discount bundle of 9 versions from 3 upbeat guitar pop bestsellers, one of which was hand-picked by Audiojungle team as week’s featured file! Dont miss the chance to get them and save 40% of the price!

Upbeat Indie Guitar Pop

This is an uplifting sunny indie pop piece based on a happy guitar melody played on a classic pop telecaster guitar. The main melody is enriched by two secondary side ones and an atmospheric guitar lead, peppered with punchy kick drum, bright percussion and stylish modern synth leads.

This music is a perfect choice for some positive and motivational media production that needs some spring and summer vibes, like a travel show, TV or radio family commercial, company teambuilding presentation, live concert or event promo and much more.

Versions included

There are 5 versions in the package, as in the preview:

  • Main – 1:45
  • Medium – 0:55
  • Short Commercial Cut – 0:36
  • Seamless Loop – 0:35
  • Extended – 2:22

Indie Pop

An upbeat fun pop piece based on an uplifting indie guitar melody. The music has a summer beach feel with punchy modern drums, classic vintage clean guitar, bright acoustic guitar strums and percussion, and designed sound effects.

It will perfectly suit any positive sunny media and will add some good carefree vibes to your video no matter what it is – a TV commercial, travel video, summer festival promo, vacation footage, product presentation, company reel , etc.

Comes with 2 versions:

  • Main / long – 1:43
  • Commercial / 1min – 1:00

Summer Guitar Pop

This is a sunny upbeat indie pop dance track, based on an uplifting pop telecaster guitar melody, spotlighted by acoustic guitar strums, clean guitar arpeggios, happy harmonic vocals and bright modern pop synth background theme.

The music is designed to become a positive energetic party pop background for any kind of media that needs spring or summer vibes, some sunshine and motivation – like TV or radio commercials, happy celebrations, winners awarding, competition finals, awesome happy people compilations and much more.

Versions included (as in the preview):

  • Short – 1:30
  • Long – 3:00