For Father's Day

For Father's Day

For Father’s Day

Energetic, catchy and motivational upbeat indie folk music with inspiring, uplifting, happy mood and driving but soft acoustic sound with exciting vocals in the pop rock style! Perfect for TV commercial, corporate, marketing trailer, presentation, travel, business promotional videos, advertising, aspire and cool lifestyle projects, family ads, slideshow, innovate technology, documentaries, educational, projects and many more! Also good as a positive indie rock soundtrack for film / movie.

Used: drums, bass, acoustic guitars, strings, percussion, claps, snaps, tambourine, muted guitar, harmonics guitar and vocals.

For Valentines Day - 1

5 versions are included for maximum flexibility:
  1. For Father’s Day (2:28)
  2. For Father’s Day (short, no vocals) (1:15)
  3. For Father’s Day (short) (1:15)
  4. For Father’s Day (no vocals) (2:28)
  5. For Father’s Day (large) (2:44)

Sounds great in: Viral marketing, TV, advertisement, commercials, presentation, epicness, party, holiday, corporate video, motion, animation, youtube background, party, adventure, commercial, radio, TV, web, news, podcast background, game competition, and more.

Includes wav & mp3

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For Valentines Day - 2 For Valentines Day - 3 For Valentines Day - 4 For Valentines Day - 5

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