I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry

A heartfelt and honest apology song. The title character is “Mandi”. This is an acoustic piano composition with strings, subtle bass and powerful lyrics (below):

I love to see you smile
It brings me back awhile
To when I first met you

And nothing can compare
To everything we share
As long as I’m with you

I know sometimes I’m wrong
About everything that I say
I don’t mean to do you harm
But I don’t want you to walk away
Please don’t, don’t
Walk away

Cause I love to see your eyes
They look like diamond skies
They draw me into you

And if you were to go
I guess that I just don’t know
What it is I’d do

So don’t go, so don’t leave
Believe me
I’m not sure how to say this
But Mandi, I’m sorry

I’d love to see you smile
If only for a while
So I could be near you

And nothing would compare
To what it is we’d share
If I could be with you