I'm Free

I'm Free

This energetic, mid-tempo song will surely have your listeners dancing to the beat and singing along. From the driving force of the synth and drums to the catchy lyrics and melodies of the vocals, “I’m Free” represents freedom, new opportunity and great things to come.

This download includes both WAV and MP3 versions along with the following two edits for your convenience:

1. Main Track with Vocals – 2:05

2. Main Track (Instrumental Only) – 2:08

The preview contains both versions.

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I’m Free Lyrics

Oh girl you a mess, got me all stressed I felt this way before you reminded me of my ex I thought you was the best, but now I need the next And when my heart beats there’s a hole in my chest

‘Cuz I’m free now Im free now No one holding me back, I don’t know how to act So if you smiling at me girl im gonna smile back ‘Cuz I’m Free Now I’m Free Now Woh Oh Oh