Ignition Hard Rock Pack

Ignition Hard Rock Pack

Ignition Hard Rock Pack contains four hard rock tracks with killer guitars big drums and high impact risers.

1. Shellshock (1 Version):
Powerful rock track, features hard guitars, dirty bass and driving drums.
Shellshock – 3:30

2. Dangerous Street (3 Versions):
Modern rock with heavy guitars, fx and killer drums, special for trailer scenes. Ends with a high energy rise.
Dangerous Street – 1:06
Dangerous Street Loopable – 0:32
Dangerous Street 30 Sec – 0:28

3. Ignition (4 Versions):
High energy industrial music with hard guitars, nitro drums and modern keyboards.
Ignition – 0:53
Ignition no Vocals – 0:53
Ignition Loop – 0:51
Ignition Loop no Vocals – 0:51

4. Rocket (1 Version):
Modern rock music with hard guitars, energetic drums and modern keyboards.
Rocket – 2:25

Available in WAV & MP3 formats.