I Feel the Sunshine

I Feel the Sunshine

‘I Feel the Sunshine’ is an uplifting and chilling summer Popsong with vocals and epic choirs.
Smooth keys with an uplifting Ukulele, an electric guitar, drums and bass are the base of that track, filled up with orchestral strings and big choirs.

Lead vocals by Chloe, backing vocals by Mat Steiner & Chloe.
Five versions are included:
  • I Feel the Sunshine (vocal version) 3:11 first in preview
  • I Feel the Sunshine 0-55 (short 1 version) 0:55 in preview after 3:11
  • I Feel the Sunshine 1-46 (short 2 version) 1:49 in preview after 4:07
  • I Feel the Sunshine 2-42(medium version) 2:42 in preview after 5:53
  • I Feel the Sunshine Instrumental (version without lead vocals) 3:11 in preview after 8:35
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In the morning light
The shadows are just moved away
Many drops of hope
Let me trust in a clear new day

Getting closer to you
There’s one thing I knew
Feelings breaking trough
When the sky turns from black to blue

I feel the sunshine over me
When I am in your arms
I turn around and I see
Know that I’m free
It’s like a brand new day
Walked a long long way
Just to see you

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