Hybrid Epic Futuristic Trailer

Hybrid Epic Futuristic Trailer

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Sci-Fi Trailer, Futuristic Trailer, Trailer Action, Science Fiction


Hybrid Epical Future Trailer is commercial track in the style of Hybrid Epic Cinematic perfectly suitable for Tense Background scenes and scenes with Tension Build, Sound Design elements and Science Technology into dystopian Sci-Fi Atmosphere setting, Powerful cinematic, Future Technology background, futuristic Adventure Epic video, Chase TrailerEmotional Blockbuster, Teaser Trailers, Heroic Epic trailer, Sport Action themes, Cyber Punk setting, Cyborg Trailer, Sci-Fi Cinematic video, Cinematic Trailer Titles, video game and technogenic projects, industrial sci-fi epic and hi-tech atmosphere media projects stylish background
In this SciFi Epic Theme used Post Apocalyptic atmospheric synth and pads, electric Guitar Solo, Battle Drums and Industrial Drums , emotive Brass Section, Orchestral Strings, pulsing atmospheric bass, futuristic sci-fi leads and effects, soundscapes background sounds, dynamical modern percussion.

TWO versions included:

– Original – 3:09

– Version 2 – 2:28

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