Hybrid Drums Tension Pack

Hybrid Drums Tension Pack

This pack includes THREE intense epic modern percussion music track with technogenic industrial atmosphere hybrid elements, electronic and glitch wobble effects, big hits, a variety of toms, power impacts and timpani, dynamic sticks, taiko drums, mallets and doumbeks, pounding chase sequences and action rhythm. Excellent choice for action advertising, angry promo, extreme and sport video, action games, futuristic motion pictures, apocalyptical sci-fi films, modern teaser and trailer and for any type of modern media projects. MP3 and WAV versions included for your convenience.


1. Trailer Drums Hybrid:
  • Original – 2:09
  • Short version – 1:25

2. Powerful Drums Hybrid:

  • Original – 1:36
  • Version 2 (Without Tonal Elements) – 1:36

3. Epic Drums Hybrid:

  • Original version – 1:56
  • Short Version – 1:22

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