Hybrid Drums Action Logo Pack

Hybrid Drums Action Logo Pack

Battle Drums, Percussion Intro, War Drums, Chase Action


Hybrid Drums Action Logo Pack includes FOUR Ident Logos in the style of Percussion Drums with Rising Tension mood perfectly suitable for short Aggressive Trailer Intro, promotional video and idents, Sports Intro, epic match advertising, adverts of cars and moto, Extreme Action scenes and gym Reveal Logo, ,Fitness Workout clips, war and Powerful Intro, video games, motion pictures, Chase Scene, culmination scenes, background of films, short intro and teasers, transform and transition scene and for any type of modern media projects.

In this Logo Intro pack used aggressive driving hybrid drums and toms, power hits and impact, cymbals and perrcussive brushes, intense rise.


1. Drums Powerful Action Intro:
  • Original – 0:13
  • Version 2 – 0:07

2. Drums Action Mechanical Logo:

  • Original – 0:18
  • Version 2 – 0:14
  • Version 3 – 0:10
  • Version 4 – 0:10

3. Battle War Drums Logo:

  • Original – 0:14
  • Version 2 – 0:14

4. Drums Sport Action Intro Ident:

  • Original – 0:23
  • Version 2 – 0:15
  • Version 3 – 0:15

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