Apocalyptic Hybrid Trailer

Apocalyptic Hybrid Trailer


Apocalyptic Hybrid Trailer - 1

This track is a cinematic epic apocalyptical dark hybrid trailer music. Features orchestral strings ensemble, brass, horns, men choir, electronic arp synths, sound design elements, braaams, impacts, stutter effects, risers, and downers.

The intro suddenly starts with a cool determined bwaa sound. Mystery builds a suspenseful thrilling tension. The buildup features big massive drum hits in harmony with staccatos aggressively until a huge release in tension with a tail ends the buildup. The mid-part has an atmospheric ambience pad that is dark and mysterious. The powerful choir blend in with pads to raise the tension to the epic finale.

The final part is where every instrument is mixed together in unison to bring up harmony for the last time. The feeling is like a doomsday apocalypse where big cities are burning and humanity is violent, a total annihilation. A dramatic intense female voice bring up some emotional impact to the climactic ending. After the ending with a questions mark, a second outro plays with powerful drum hits for finale scenes that are even more assertive.

Ideal for cinematic trailers, sci-fi movies, film soundtracks, video games, gaming broadcasts on youtube, apocalyptical themes, political documentaries, and action movie teasers.

What sets my music apart from others?

⦁Contains a story, so it’s memorable and exciting.

⦁Constantly moving forward, so it’s not repetitive.

⦁Daring, fresh and uncommon, so it’s unique and stands out.

⦁A great deal of automation process, so it’s alive and immersive.

⦁High dynamic volume range, so it’s easy on the ears.

⦁Intuitive editing points, so the music guides you, don’t interrupt you.

⦁Promises a powerful finish, so the audience will stick until the end.

You can visibly notice a difference in waveform smoothness that sounds natural instead of forced and squishy.

Apocalyptic Hybrid Trailer - 2

My point is not to make another generic music which countless of them are available everywhere. My passion is to hit every single box in features above and to make unique music in variety that gives you goosebumps.

By building trust over time and having strict work principles, I hope to connect with your business and help it to be more successful.

I strongly encourage you to visit my portfolio to give a chance to my other works. Wish you have a magical experience!

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Who is Epikton?

Epikton, a Turkish composer who produce epic music to connect with his audience. For him, music is a powerful commodity and means of expression, and with his work, he seeks to push the limits of this vein of expression and create music that makes others feel and experience emotion in deeper and more exciting ways.

Currently, his work can be found across most major streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Tidal and, SoundCloud. He invites anyone interested to have a listen, and go on his musical journey with him. Learn more about Epikton at artist profile


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