Discussion on House Candy #2

Discussion on House Candy #2

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I really love a lot what you do.

It’s very clean and full of good vibrations !

Very Nice. Very soothing. Very clean. I have bookmarked you as a favourite.

Thank you both, SPOON and GoaVagatore, for your nice reviews. :)

ricardo – YOU ROCK and now so does our Mighty Wallet video… Mighty Wallet

KEEP THE GREAT VIBE COMING ! (and I’ll keep buying – just got another one)

Hi dynomighty!

Thank you so much for your nice words!

I loved the video! The music loop really works great in it.

By the way, I’m considering the purchase of one those Mighty Wallets. They’re really awsome!

Cheers! :)

Hey Ricardo,

Customers are asking who made the music, I’ll direct them to your myspace page but you might want to put some of this out on a CD!

If you do maybe we could sell it on our website! – just a thought. Email at tk @ if your into that.

Best wishes,



In case you are curious about how your music gets used: I have created a virtual 3D world (personal project) , and within that world there is a futuristic museum set on an island in a beautiful ocean. When an avatar gets transported to this island and enters the museum, I start playing your music loop. The resulting ambiance is so awesome. I will send you the video sometime later.


Strong work, continue to work! I wish many sales

Nice house sound! Cool kick and bass! Stylish music!