Modern Rock Pack

Modern Rock Pack

Congratulations to all on the upcoming holidays, Halloween, New Year. The spirit of Christmas flies to us all!

This is a pack that has 5 different stylish rock songs. Each song features distorted or crunchy guitar, and powerful bass and drums, piano, synths, vocals and groovy beats.

Styles: Mainstream Rock, Grunge, Punk-punk, Hard Rock, Future Noise Rock, Alternative Metal.

This and universal Rock pack is a real gift, it will help you save a lot of money!

Perfect for: action, sports videos, gym videos, racing, any dynamic action videos, commercials, any commercial use, gaming, web and more.


1. Positive Punk Rock Opener
Starts from 0:00

Positive Punk Rock Opener (full) – 1:08

2. Positive Punk Rock
Starts from 1:08

Positive Punk Rock (full) – 1:43

3. Hard Rock and Roll
Starts from 2:53

Hard Rock and Roll (full) – 1:09

4. Noise Indie Rock Action
Starts from 4:02

Noise Indie Rock Action (full) – 2:20

5. Powerful Extreme Sport
Starts from 6:24

Powerful Extreme Sport (full) – 2:18

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