A selection of 3 piano-led pieces suitable for use in a hospital-themed drama.

These pieces could accompany:

-moments of reflection in hospital dramas
- tense operation scenes, time running out etc
- scenes of heartbreak, tension, despair


Hospital Drama – 1:35 (starts at 0:00)

Emotional piano piece for a medical drama setting.

Emotive, expressive piano-led piece evoking the atmosphere and emotionally charged scene of a hospital and incorporating ‘beep’ sound effects from the hospital monitors. This piece will be the perfect accompaniment to dramatic, reflective scenes in hospitals and A&E units, creating an emotional power and tension.

Hospital Tension – 2:20 (starts at 1:35)

Suspenseful, emotive piano and strings piece evoking a race against time.

This rhythmic, piano and string driven piece builds tension and suggests a sense of the fragility of life in a dangerous situation. Heartfelt, emotive chords and pulsing strings make this piece a good choice for scenes where there’s a lot at stake.

Moody Thoughtful Piano – 1:49 (starts at 3:55)

Tense, delicate piano with a meditative and mysterious feel.

Dense piano chords chime with a soaring, fragile melody that suggests a sense of the unknown and the unresolved. The reflective feel of this piece will add an introspective tone to your project and draw in your audience in a gentle but powerful way.

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