Horror Pack

Horror Pack

THE ZIP FILE INCLUDES (as followed in the preview track)

  1. Horror Suspense

    – We have used typical instrumental tools to bring the intended sound – dark and heavy sound of contrabasses and trombones, the typical “Psycho” like sound of squealing violins, tubular bells, barking brass section, sound of bare piano strings and at last the sound of old scratchy radio.

    • Horror Suspense full version – 2:01
    • Horror Suspense full version without radio sound at the end – 1:51
    • Horror Suspense without intro -1:42
    • Horror Suspense medium version -0:55
    • Horror Suspense ending with piano intro -0:25

  2. Passionate & Little Scary Love Theme

    – Do you remember the way Gomez Adams kissed Mortitia’s arm? The quirky romance of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas? The oldschool, corky way of courting from the old movies?
    Funny & scary at the same time

    • Full version – 1:02
    • Version without intro – starts in full sound right from the start – the softer intro is out. – 0:35
    • Short version – just the full melody, without intro and outro – 0:23

  3. Halloween Bells

    - Tubular bells striking midnight. The spine-chilling music box melody is giving you goosebumps – and the unnerving and menacing basses are ascending in a great crescendo to a frightening BOOM that will make you jump! 0:43

In the style of The Exorcist, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Saw, Night of the Living Dead, X Files, The Omen, Resident Evil, Psycho – simply the classical Hollywood horror movie stuff.

Zombie, ghosts in ghost town, demons, witch or scarecrow? This is the right music for you.

Thank you for listening!

Created with love by SoundRoseStudio