Horror Movie Music Pack 1

Horror Movie Music Pack 1

A collection of 8 of my best horror movie music tracks – terror, suspense, horror and action can all be found within. Perfect for your next horrific production or trailer. In fact, there’s enough music here to entirely score your next horror film!

In this collection you get the following tracks in both WAV and MP3 format:

1. Zombie Roadblock (1:31) – The undead hordes approach – time to mow them down. Action packed, suspense cue with a horrific mean streak that builds to action climax.

2. Zombie Hunter (2:56) @1:30 in preview. Dark and foreboding drone slowly builds to percussive and driving finale. Ominous and scary, this track will help you announce the arrival of armies of the undead – and then take them out. Modern and easily editable, this track will help you raise the dead.

3. Dark Forces (1:26) @ 4:26 in preview. The legions of darkness have arrived. The gates of hell opened. A relentless onslaught of terror. Thunderous drums, shrieking orchestra and pulsating synths bring the pain. Builds to the climax of horror.

4. Something’s Out There (2:19) @ 5:52 in preview. Creepy sci fi stalker. Orchestral strings with throbbing bass and ominous drone underscore. Suspense and tension build throughout. Something is waiting to strike.

5. Space Escape (2:19) @ 8:11 in preview. Tense, throbbing, pulsating sci fi/action cue. Dark bass and arpeggiated synths. Builds in intensity. Ominous and foreboding.

6. Hell’s Gates (0:54) @ 10:23 in preview. Dark, ominous and foreboding track. Builds to the moment of horror. Deep thunder drums punch through a scary drone. Metallic highlights and scary scrapes with a haunting female vocal to add to the mood. There is no fun to be found here.

7. Post Apocalyptic Wasteland (1:27) @ 11:18 in preview. Contemporary horror/suspense cue. The world has changed – an ominous underscore set against undulating percussion. Doom and gloom await.

8. Brace for Impact (0:56) @ 12:44 in preview. Ominous synth/drum hits slowly build and give way to disturbing underscore. Tension mounts as the moment of impact arrives. Scary and dark.

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