Hopeful & Inspiring Cinematic Background Pack

Hopeful & Inspiring Cinematic Background Pack

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Hopeful & Inspiring Cinematic Background Pack is a collection specially designed as a background in movies and documentaries , but will fit well in other contexts such as advertising or even video presentations inspirational and emotional. This is a perfect collection to describe soundscapes with a background of hope and motivation. The package has 4 tracks and a total of 15 versions , available in WAV and high quality MP3. Inside the file you will find:

Inspirational & Emotive Cinematographic Background: 2:32

Short Version: 1:26

Beautiful & Emotional Piano: 2:16

Short Version 1: 1:24

Short Version 2 0:59

Piano Short Version: 1:20

Logo Version: 0:05

Hopeful & Inspiring Cinematic Upbeat: 2:36

Alternative Intro Version: 2:12

Short Version 1: 1:27

Short Version 2: 0:36

Logo Version: 0:11

Inspiring & Emotional Theme: 2:07

Short Version 1: 1:20

Short Version 2: 0:31


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